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Serous Font

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An interlocking display typeface
Each purchase of Serous includes all four styles.
Serous styles are not available individually.

OpenType format
Four style package
Oldstyle figures, lining figures, limited accents
Design: Mark Gowing at Formist Studio
2015 FF001
Download specimen PDF

Formist Serous is a geometric display typeface consisting of four weights. As the naming indicates, Serous has been designed to embody the feeling of liquid. Letters and texts are defined by rhythm and fluidity. The word serous comes from the Latin serõsus (from serum) and is defined as: resembling, or producing serum, referring to substances of a watery nature.

Serous employs a systemised design that generates form and structure based on a set of modular rules. The characters are drawn on a geometric grid, giving the type a rhythmic uniform nature. The forms in Serous contain no right angles and feature the same curve radius and stroke weight throughout each type style.

Serous is very distinctive at large display sizes. The typeface is not intended for use at text sizes or as large galleys of text. The letter spacing is defined by a pin line that separates each character. The most dynamic results are often achieved by using settings that create the same pin line in the leading as is present in the kerning. Serous is sold as a package of four styles: Brook, Creek, Stream and River. River is the heaviest and is most useful at very large sizes as the pin line between forms is extremely thin. Brook is the lightest and will be most useful at small sizes as the pin line is thickest.